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Can a Passive to Active Voice Converter Make Your Writing 100% Perfect?

It is vital that your writing is of a high standard, whether you write professionally or if you are still a student. A good passive to active voice converter is a great way to help you to ensure that your writing will shine. Passive voice is often frowned upon in your writing. While not grammatically incorrect it should still not be used unless you have specific reasons for doing so.

The tool that we provide allows you to easily change passive voice to active voice without having to spend hours checking and revising your work. Many writers ask, is there a website that will take active voice and turn it into passive voice and vice versa? The answer is yes, our professional writing tool can act as a passive voice generator as well as converting your writing to the active voice. With many other checks made on everything from your punctuation to your grammar, this tool will ensure that your writing is spot on.

Why Should You Use a Sentence Converter?

As most people are aware, checking your own writing for any form of issue is often ineffective. We can rarely see things that will stand out to others that read our work for the first time. We are all too familiar with our own writing which makes it almost impossible for us to spot the things that really need correction. Because of this, checking our own writing is rarely going to help us submit writing of the required standard.

Hiring an editor is often simply too expensive and something that few people can afford to do. Certainly not for every piece of writing that we do. While you could ask a friend to edit your writing, few people have friends that have the skills or the time available to help.

Using a passive to active voice translator however, is often quick and free. The software does not get tired; it will always find what it is programmed to find without fault. If you need to rewrite the sentences in the passive voice or active, a software tool such as ours provides you the best way forward. It can do in minutes what you would often spend hours trying to do.

If you are looking for software to change my passive voice to active, then ours is free to use and highly effective. It can save you hours of your time and ensure that you always submit writing of a high standard that will help you to get the results that you are looking for.

How Does Our Active to Passive Translator Work?

If you need to know how to make a passive sentence active then our tool makes things very easy for you. Our passive voice finder will quickly scan your writing to highlight all sentences that may be passive. You can then follow the advice that it provides for you with regards to converting the sentence to the active voice.

It does not simply highlight the problem. Every issue highlighted comes with either suggestions as to how it is fixed or with a full explanation as to why it is incorrect. This allows you to either accept the suggested fix with a click of your mouse or to follow the advice given to change the sentence. Changing passive verbs to active verbs however, is just a fraction of what this effective piece of software can do for you. We provide you with a comprehensive and full check of all aspects of your writing. In addition to being a passive sentences checker it also provides:

Spelling checker: the tool will highlight any incorrectly spelled words as well as words that may have been confused such as desert and dessert.

Grammar checking: it reviews hundreds of different grammar rules to highlight any problems with your writing.

Punctuation: from overuse of commas to misplaced semicolons and colons the tool will correct any issues with your punctuation.

Vocabulary and word choice: the software will make suggestions for alternative word choices to help you to improve the vocabulary of your writing.

Text flow: any issues with how your writing flows and its structure will be highlighted for improvement.

Regular use of our passive to active voice converter will not only help you to correct the piece of work you need to submit. It will also help you to improve your writing in the long term. You will quickly identify the errors that you regularly make within your writing and will start to avoid them in the future.

Conduct Editing for Active Voice with Our Tool

To turn passive into active voice is simple with our highly effective tool. Whether you are looking for an active to passive converter or vice versa, using our tool is as simple as this:

Paste the test that requires checking into the tool in the space that is provided.

Click the check button to start the process of reviewing your writing.

The tool then rapidly works through your writing to highlight any mistakes or possible improvements in your writing.

Review the suggested changes and make the changes that you feel are necessary within your work.

Using the tool to change passive voice to active voice and to correct other issues will take just a few minutes of your time. So you should always ensure that every piece of your writing is fully checked to make sure that you always submit your best work.

Tips on How to Turn Passive Voice into Active Voice

If you want to understand how to change my sentence from passive to active, then you must first fully understand the difference between the two structures. 

  • Active voice is structured in the following manner: Subject + Verb + Object . The subject in the sentence acts on the object.
  • Passive voice is structured as Object + Verb + Subject . The subject is acted on by the object with the emphasis being more on the object and the action.

    While using passive voice is not technically incorrect it is still frowned on. Many believe that writing should be done in the active voice to ensure that it is clear and concise. Therefore, you need to know how to convert the use of passive voice into active voice. The following are some simple tips that you can follow for how to turn passive voice into active voice:

Situation #1: the subject of the sentence is located at the very end of the sentence.

Correction: move the subject to the start of the sentence and correct the verb to make the sentence read correctly.

Situation #2: if the subject of the sentence is omitted from the sentence.

Correction: add the subject at the start of the sentence and ensure that it reads correctly.

Situation#3: if the words “by the” have been used in the sentence.

Correction: move the subject to the start of the sentence and correct the verb removing the “by the” within the sentence.

Situation#4: if the subject of the sentence is not known.

Correction: where possible identify the subject or use a generic term for them.

Situation#5: if the sentence object has been placed at the start of the sentence.

Correction: rearrange the sentence with the object placed at the end of the sentence.

Examples of Passive to Active Voice Correction

Of course, explanations of how to convert passive to active voice would be incomplete without real examples of how to do it. The following are some easy to follow examples that will show you how to fix your passive voice issues:

Issue: the subject of the sentence is located at the very end of the sentence.

Passive voice: The succulent Lamb was cooked in the oven by Mary.

Active voice: Mary cooked the succulent lamb in the oven.

Issue: if the subject of the sentence is omitted from the sentence.

Passive voice: The patients were all vaccinated quickly with the new batch of vaccines.

Active voice: Mary cooked the succulent lamb in the oven.

Issue: if the words “by the” have been used in the sentence.

Passive voice: The lawn was totally destroyed by the moles’ burrowing.

Active voice: The moles’ burrowing totally destroyed the lawn.

Issue: if the subject of the sentence is not known.

Passive voice: The body was left in a sack at the side of the road.

Active voice: The murderer left the body in a sack at the side of the road.

Issue: if the sentence object has been placed at the start of the sentence.

Passive voice: The crayons were destroyed quickly by all of the children.

Active voice: The children quickly destroyed the crayons.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Active Voice Sentence Editor

The following are some questions that we are often asked and the answers that we give regarding our easy to use active voice checker:

Q: Is passive voice always wrong?

A: No: there are often times that you will want to use the passive voice rather than the active voice. Often this is when you want to place emphasis on the action being performed or even the object being acted upon. You may also use passive voice where you want to obscure the identity of the subject and if there is no clear subject. 

Q: What is the most effective way to identify passive voice?

A: In the active voice the subject of the sentence will always be at the start, if the subject or the object appears before the subject then it is most likely going to be a passive sentence. Another good indicator that the sentence is passive is the use of a past participle directly after “to be”. The best software for proofreading passive voice will help you to find issues immediately within your writing.

Q: What is the best method to fix sentence voice issues?

A: Manually fixing incorrect voice use within your sentences can be time consuming. It can also be very difficult to spot where you have incorrectly used passive or active voice within your writing. Therefore, you may want to make full use of a good passive voice grammar checker. 

Q: Does your tool guarantee 100% accurate results? Is it free? Is it available on mobile devices?

A: Our tool will help you to identify and correct any use of the passive voice within your writing. It is free to use and can be used on any device if you have access to the internet. Our passive voice converter can be used in just a few minutes to make improvements to any type of writing. 

Q: Are there any limitations of passive to active voice converter?

A: It is still your responsibility to make corrections to any issues that the passive voice corrector identifies in your work. While often there are single click corrections, there are other times where you will need to follow the advice that the tool provides to correct your writing. It is advised that you rerun the tool once you have made any corrections to ensure that the changes you have made are correct. 

Q: Can active to passive converter check my paper for other mistakes except for sentence voice?

A: Yes: the active voice changer that we provide for you is able to check your writing for hundreds of different issues that may be within your work. Not only does the tool highlight any errors it will also provide you with advice and suggestions to fix those errors to improve your writing. It offers the ability to check for:

  • Spelling mistakes
  • Correct word choice
  • Grammatical issues
  • Punctuation errors
  • Plagiarism
  • Text Flow

Always ensure that you submit perfect writing by using our free and effective passive to active voice converter!